Below is some comments recent clients have made and for your piece of mind you are able to contact clients for added reassurance of auth\enticity.

Kylee was our maternity nurse for 8 days over a 2 week. Kylee primarily helped with our 6 week old baby through the night and during the day to give me a break as I have 2 older children. Her role incorporated bathing, feeding and nursing the baby. She is friendly and easy to get along with and has a calm nature. Kylee has a sincere affection towards the well being of young children.

- Mrs M

Kylee Stone has worked in the capacity of a maternity nurse/nanny for us. As a first time mum and an exceptionally difficult birth, resulting ina caesarean and a week stay in hospital due my daughter and I being unwell, I naturally needed an exceptional person to care for my daughter as I was unable to fully care for her.

Kylee has an approachable manner which is very comforting,she has a wealth of experience which she was quite happy to share, which madeall the difference in caring for my daughter, as a first time mother. Further she was warm and affectionate towards my daughter and took a genuine interest in her well being. She was always prompt and happy to stay longer without question. Both my partner and I found her being in our home unobtrusive and came to see her as a simple extension to the household.

I have no hesitation in recommending her services to new and existing mothers. She is in my opinion an exceptional person with exception skills and would clearly be an asset to anyone who requires her services.

- Mrs A

Kylee Stone acted as the night nanny for our twin girls for one to two nights a week for the first four months of their life. She had sole charge from 9pm until 7am. We found Kylee to be very punctual, kind, pleasant and very capable. She offered us many tips on caring for the twins, especially advice on feeding regimes.

We will continue to ask Kylee to look after our girls for odd nights in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending her to other parents.

- Mrs A

Kylee Stone has worked as a night nanny when our Twins were born. We initially hired Kylee for six weeks, for four nights per week, however as we were so pleased with Kylee’s work, we continued to use her for another 3 months for two nights per week. Kylee’s duties have included feeding, changing, winding and settling the Twins. Kylee helped us establish the Twins into a three hour and then four hour feeding routine. Kylee showed us how to correctly bottlefeed, efficiently organise our bottle-feeding equipment and feeding techniques for Twins.

As first time parents, with very little baby experience prior to the birth of our twins, Kylee has helped us build our confidence and has given us many hints and tips. We believe that without the help of Kylee, the Twins would not settle so well or have slept through the night so soon. Kylee is very friendly and has a relaxed approach which immediately puts you at ease. Kylee’s love of babies and children is apparent and, these qualities, along with her experience, have given us the confidence to leave Kylee with our Twins whilst we have been out for dinner etc. Going forward we intend to use Kylee on an ad hoc basis as a babysitter and would not hesitate to recommend her to other parents.

- Mr & Mrs R

Kylee has worked for us as a night nanny for six months. From the beginning, she instilled a sense of confidence in her ability to care for our newborn J. She came into our house up to three times per week at times and allowed us to get the sleep we needed knowing that J was in good hands. Kylee has a calm, friendly demeanour that made everyone in the house feel comfortable with her. Once we thought J was ready for sleep training, Kylee provided advice and assistance in techniques to promote healthy sleep habits. She helped J learn to sleep through the night in a gentle way with minimal crying. Kylee has also provided very helpful advice about other issues, including weaning and lessons about introducing solid foods.

Overall, I recommend Kylee very highly. The combination of her experience, personality and love of babies make her a unique find. It is an extraordinary thing as new parents to have someone with whom you can entrust your baby with confidence.

- Mrs H

I can confirm that Kylee Stone started working with our family when our son T was four weeks old. She has taken on full responsibility for T between 9pm and 7am, feeding, changing, winding and settling him. She has been with us for up to three nights a week.

Kylee has been very supportive, flexible, reliable and has offered helpful suggestions along the way. She has been patient with T and very willing to try a number of different techniques to help him to sleep better. We have been very lucky to have had Kylee.

- Mr & Mrs S

Kylee worked as a night nanny for our second son. Having never used a night nanny before it was quite daunting for us having someone we didn’t know staying in our home and having charge of our newborn baby. Kylee instantly made us feel at ease and we knew that T was in safe hands.Although Kylee at first appeared a little shy she soon felt at home in our house and the care she took of T was superb. Within just a couple of weeks Kylee was babysitting on some evenings for bothT and our first son M which allowed us to get a welcome break away from our children and a nice evening out. We would have never imagined that we would have the opportunity to have a meal out together without the children so soon after the birth of T but we trusted Kylee implicitly and did not worry one bit. While away from the home Kylee kept us updated on our boys by text message.

Kylee was always very friendly, punctual and flexible and we would not hesitate to use her again in the future or recommend her to others. Our only regret was that we did not know Kylee when our first son was born as her expertise and help would have made things much easier! We have continued to use Kylee on an ad hoc basis as a babysitter for both of our children and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

- Mr & Mrs C