Maternity Nanny

As a Maternity Nanny I can offer my services either on a live-in/out basis, this can either be nights, days or 24 hours. I will provide full care and support and offer advice on all aspects of caring for your new baby.

Night Nanny

I can take care of your baby overnight taking care of all feeds, changing and re-settling. If baby is breastfed I will discuss with you bringing baby in for you to feed or expressing milk for me to bottlefeed.

I work anything from 1 night a week up to 7 nights and anything from adhoc nights to longer bookings of up to around 6 months.

Typical hours can be around 9pm-7am but this is flexible. I will also take emergency bookings if I am available.


Available for evening babysitting, overnight babysitting, or weekend proxyparenting if you want some time away with your partner, or you may have a wedding or other function to attend.

Day Nanny

I am available for day nanny positions with babies and children of all ages. I have a clean driving licence and my own vehicle.